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USA Kids Childcare

"Where Our Future Heroes and Leaders Play and Learn."

          "We highly value the integrity of our name therefore, your honest thoughts means a lot to us..."

             And A Short Letter from the Director below.

Parent's Testimonials....

1. I really like USAKids Childcare. My 2 1/2 year old daughter attends there. I am very confident there teaching and most importantly my daughter likes going there. The in home set up is very nice, it shows how much they love the children. I also like the broad bond of learning sources available. Thumbs up!

Mrs. Lindsey

          2. If you want the BEST....You'll forget...‎ - My name is Sharday Pavone. I am twenty-one years of age and I am currently attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to major in Management. When I was seven years old I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Mrs. Riza and her husband. I have loved them ever since. Riza truly is an amazing person who through watching me showed me love, compassion and helped educate me. She works very well with children and she helps mold them into wonderful individuals. Mrs. Riza watched my twin sister and me from the ages of seven on up until we were fourteen. She does a phenomenal job caring, teaching, guiding, leading, preparing, sculpting, and loving every child that is brought about her path. Your child is the most important part of your life so you want to leave them with someone who actually cares and the only person I know is Mrs. Riza. She will not just give you a hundred percent as she goes above and beyond giving you two-hundred percent.

Sharday P.

Student University of Carolina

            3. USAKids Childcare has a very organize place, very conducive for kids both pre-school and school age. They also have a very good and clear policies. I like the place very well and my son likes it too. I would recommend the place to whomever I can.

Mrs. Santos

      4. We started in Oct. 2008. This is the first facility that our 2 years old son attends to. At the beginning we felt scare, unsecure, however, all of our worries went away after meeting with Mrs. Riza the director. She gave us the security , family oriented feeling that we were looking for. Now, our son can recognized letters and attempt to count up to 20. He is potty trained. We feel secure to leave him, because we are sure that they are taking care of him, just like we would. He has learned to make friends and share with them without protesting of fighting over toys. We are satisfied with the facility and eventhough we are moving out of state, we know it will be really, really hard to find another faciltiy with all the principles, teaching techniques, love and caring that they have provided our son with. We couldn't ask for ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS! Love Jimenez Family March 2009

           5. All I can say is thank you. We are really appreciative for your services. We have only had two childcare providers but you childcare will always superceed any other we had. My daughter is very happy there. There is not one day she comes home and tells us about a great it was.

Loving Mother

          6.The variety of educational and fun activities at USAKids Childcare is great-but what I like best is the nurturing the kids receive from Ms. Riza and Mr. Ramon ( the driver/guard).

They are greeted with smiles and hugs everyday, I credit them with teaching my daughter social skills and preparing her for pre-school/kindergarten, In fact, I have recommend USAKids Childcare to my friends and would tell anyone who is interested to stop by and check it out...They will see for themselves what a great place USAKids Childcare really is. "I never thought I would find a childcare this great, but USA Kids Childcare showed me they are truly in it for the kids."

Ms. Mercado

        7. We are very happy to have Ms. Riza in our lives, because, she's a very nice person and she really cares for the kids.

Mrs. Calderon mother of 3 children.

        8. There is a lot of love for my kids and very flexible with my schedule. My 2 1/2 year old wakes up asking me if he is going to Ms Riza's house and that helps me get him out of bed. My new born is surrounded by lots of LOVE AND ATTENTION which is nice to know since mommy has to work.

Mrs. Thomas

           9. My daughter has been enrolled with USAKids Childcare and I haven't seen childcare like this one, because it is very friendly. The environment and atmosphere since 2004,until now still is. I am very happy to find , in this place is very different. My daughter has been in another childcare before,and she tells me that she is not really having fun. As a single dad, and a concerned parent i took a step of faith and enrolled her at USAKids Childcare. Hoping that she will have a new and different experience. Her first two weeks she said, dad I like this childcare, and i'm having so much fun. Also she learns a lot of new stuffs, she feels so at home. And she feel so safe. For me as a parent, learning that the provider has a degree, and a lot of experience hands on with the kids, in different ages. The provider is also very organized with her place, and very clean. She really know what is responsibility,and duties to the kids and the parents.

        For anyone who needs a childcare, why look anywhere else, this is the place to be!

Proud Parent,

Mr. R. Gonzalez

An Appreciation Letter from the Director

Dear Parents and Guardians;

          Thank you for all your support and great testimonies that you have shared with me and to other families. What a blessing! Because you are part of my business, I became successful for what I love to do and care most!!

          I understand, how hard it is to find a childcare that you can trust and be comfortable with at the same time, That's why my family and I, including my staff, we strive to be "the best HOME childcare in town" from our creative curriculum, healthy & safety practice, incredible bible stories, nurturing staff and hard work for the safety and well being of your children. As result, we will be able to continue to stay strong and committed in the childcare business. Thus, all our work and effort will be recognized and pay off at the end of the day!

             However, just keep in mind that my (our) job is not easy without your continuous support and prayers. That's our secret. I (we) need daily prayers and encouragement every time you drop off your children, especially for my staff. We put a high value and treasure both our children and business. And we all know the tasks of caring for a child is great and not easy while we try to earn a living both on our part. There is an old saying, "It takes a whole village to raise a child". It is so true!

            Therefore, everyone at USAKids Childcare has to participate, cooperate, contribute and commit to this great endeavor! And a caregiver must have a great passion and gift to care and nurture a child. So it only makes sense, all our efforts must be valued and recognized.

           Again, I truly believe at USA Kids Childcare, we are raising the future leaders and heroes of our country. So, let us mold them with love, wisdom, and truth with God's words. By doing so, we will have a stronger, stable, blessed and powerful nation than ever before! There is no other way!

          Thank you and I appreciate you all..! May we all continue raising our children the way they should go. And, please continue to share my quality childcare to your family, neighbors and friends. So, we will stay stronger, encouraged and committed in the childcare business and to keep our 5 STAR rating for more years to come! 

       Again, after twenty years, we are proud of what we do and accomplished!

      There is no place like A SECOND Home -USA KIDS CHILDCARE!


          Ms Riza Hassel


        "It is a better to be patient than powerful; it is better to have a self-control than to conquer a city."

Proverbs 16:12